Specialized Services

In addition to our extensive experience in physical therapy and rehabilitation, we offer a range of additional services. Specialized services, like manual therapy and lymphedema therapy are also available. We have a therapist certified in lymphatic drainage, as well as a licensed massage therapist. Hands-on therapy can make all the difference in the management of many painful conditions.

manual therapy

Manual Therapy

Physical therapy sometimes requires more than just the right exercises. We feel that hands-on, manual therapy is essential to the healing process. Soft tissue techniques, like active release therapy and Graston technique can make all the difference.


Balance and Vertigo Treatment

As we age, our balance can decline for a variety of reasons. This can cause a fear of falling. Many people become less active as this occurs. Our balance training programs can help you to stay active and improve your mobility.

massage therapy

Lymphedema Treatment

Lymphatic drainage is a specialized therapy designed to reduce edema. Our board-certified therapist is an instructor in lymphedema therapy, as well as a provider with several years of experience in the successful treatment of this condition.

Many people do not know about the various conditions that can be treated with physical therapy. Physical therapy is a more natural way of achieving pain relief, without the use of drugs or chemicals. For one thing, the treatment can be focused to the body part in question. Medications circulate through the entire body before they reach the desired area. Therapeutic exercising for the painful area can help to create a more permanent change to the tissues. Drugs can only mask the pain temporarily. For additional resources on the various conditions that physical therapy can treat, Click HERE.

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